Because of that energy

Because of that energy, the Huskies were able to turn the boards into a 50/50 proposition. Not because their forwards secured every loose ball, but because they put those loose balls up for grabs. Not only did Boatright get three rebounds in that first 20 minutes, but Napier and Kromah each tallied two.printing packaging box manufacturersWhen they’d finally emerge from the scrum, fast breaks or second chances followed. In both areas, UConn was coming out ahead.When the buzzer sounded, something was clear: this was an underdog story. It was a reversed script. Arlington was Hollywood, this game its script.And like any Hollywood story, there were twists and turns.There was the second half’s ominous start, a string of blocks in which the Wildcats reasserted the paint as their own. Dakari Johnson sent a Phillip Nolan shot backwards before Brimah suffered two consecutive rejections at the hands of Johnson and Randle.
“Phil could have had 12 points if he didn’t get blocked all the time,” Connecticut’s Shabazz Napier said of Nolan, his scoreless teammate.There was the foul trouble, with Brimah’s fourth coming with 10:40 to go and Nolan’s fourth called with 8:13 to play. There was too much time to play, too much time for the Wildcats to manufacture another dramatic tournament victory. Brimah and Nolan had to leave the game. And there was that storyline that drove them to write their own.”People doubted us,” Brimah said as confetti still fell in swaths. “They doubted us. plastic box supplierNow, people can’t doubt us. You saw what happened.”They just discovered that one muscle, even at the conclusion of March Madness, can still overcome biceps, might and height.”Heart and effort,” Nolan said, trying to find the words for how this team matched Kentucky rebound-for-rebound.

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